Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in The Lark!

Submissions are currently closed, due to a lack of financial support for the journal—the ability to pay artists for their work was fundamental to the vision of The Lark, and without this capacity, the editors* feel it is inappropriate to continue publishing.

However, some things are allowed to exist, radiantly, in a moment in time, and make no demands on continued, chronological presence….

To that end, we hope that you are able to behold what is present here, to chew on it, to speak with it, to be in continued conversation with it, without the ability, for the time being, to expand its edges.

If you have any inquiries about the current imaginings of The Lark, contact

How to submit:

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Select a topic below for specific submission information.

General Submission Guidelines

In the interim between now and launching our new platform, we currently accept submissions via email. Please include as the subject line:

First Name Last Name (or Pseudonym) - Medium

Works absolutely do not need to relate to one another or be of the same project or series, but we do ask that you submit only works of a single medium per submission. This means that if you have paintings for consideration as well as photographs, or poetry as well as prose, please send them as separate e-mails with your name and the medium of the submission beside your name.

If you do submit more than one submission per issue, please number your submissions as shown below.


  1. Jennifer Jones - Submission #1 - Photographs
  2. JENNIFER JONES - Submission #2 - Paintings

If only one submission:

  1. Jennifer Jones - Photographs

In the body of your e-mail, please provide us with the following information:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Biography
  • Title of Work
  • Website (if applicable)

Visual Art

The Lark accepts any kind of two-dimensional works for consideration. (Photographs of three-dimensional works do not count.)

Please submit at minimum 10 and at most 15 images to be considered. A selection of these will be chosen by the editors.

FORMAT FOR JPEGs: 2000px on the longest side, 72dpi.

This is the resolution at which they will be published upon selection.

Video & Film

Video works may be submitted as attachments through mass transfer sites such as at a resolution of 720p, or uploaded elsewhere with a link provided in the submission e-mail. There is no length requirement.

Music & Audio

Music may be submitted as .MP3 files, through mass transfer sites such as, or uploaded elsewhere with a link provided in the submission e-mail.

Creative Writing

The Lark considers all works of creative writing, including poetry, prose, short stories, creative nonfiction, theatrical scripts, and dialogues. Submit works of writing as .PDF files.

Critical Writing

The Lark considers all works of critical writing, including essays, philosophical investigations, art criticism, social commentary, or scholarship. Submit works of writing as .PDF files.


Not sure if your work qualifies for consideration, or need more specific information? Send your inquires to, with the subject line “Inquiry.”